Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Once Upon A Time A Mass Of Fur Appeared- by the Yeti

Poi is a wordless book just blank.
Once you come and play, words appear with it to give out the expression. An empty book gives more words than a book that has words.
Do you once in your Lifetime or several times go to say something, but can't say it? It's bottled up inside and needs to express one way or another in a good way, on both sides. There is a lot of people that have a lot of problems inside of them--some are just too shy to talk about it, or just hide inside of themselves.
Everyone needs to express their feelings, their words.
Art, Music, or Poi, you are the story teller. Say it. Say it to someone.
Thank you.

Poi.... Speaking From the Yeti

When I watch someone doing Poi, after practicing mine I feel their Poi around me; their movement, pretty much a trance while looking at them or watching poi spinning videos.
You feel quite good after accomplishing a new move. It lifts your sorrow away and you feel excited afterward.
To free your mind, you must free your body. Through your soul you can accomplish anything.
Around you feels lighter, like an unknown foreigner. Then slowly but unlike it, you come back normally as yourself.
In Poi, you're not alone. You are with friends. Friends that do Poi just like you. It's a way to open up yourself to others.
I don't know. Maybe they have some Autism. They are just friends. Ask them.