Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hooping- First Contact

Turning. This big, black, heavy hoop keeps turning with me inside it. When it comes around again I push against it, with my belly, with my back. This is wierd. This actually feels good. Outside of the hoop is a blur and the room's contents melt away and I feel like I'm disappearing into this rhythm. What's happening? Where am I? That rhythm keeps spiralling me inward.

I've arrived somewhere. I like this place. It's peaceful. My mind has become silent. Any thoughts travel outward from their origin, like little ripples moving across the surface and then dissolving into this nothingness. Thoughts suddenly have no consequence. They can't cling when the hoop keeps coming back and sluffing off layer after layer...of what?

What is going on here??


  1. Fantastic! I'm going to pick up my hoop and go to my happy place. Thanks for the perfect description.
    I want more more more.

  2. Way to go Jen, what a great beginning. More, MORE!!