Monday, January 31, 2011

Performing with PTSD~ a poem

It's time to dance
Pay no attention to those voices
Whispering bitter nasty nothingness
Reach into reserves
Keep it simple
There is wisdom in that

Feeling wired in to every emotion in this room
Tight bud around my heart trembling, untwisting
I walk into your sight
And Love blooms like a moon flower
Opening under the star shine

Allow Joy to rise and shimmer on the surface
Allow Hope to spiral upward from the root

Directions, I am calling you
Spin this body born into ecstasy
Sustain every cell awake to this moment

There is no separation
Sonic waves of rhythms dance toward the audience
Their inquiries and wonder
Dance back to me
This bio-rhythmic language is what we are speaking with
Doubts become blurred
And disintegrate into dust under my dancing feet

That inner-star-child is in the room
That ancient being
Is showering down essence in the form of light

That impulse mushrooms
Into Love Creation


  1. Wow! Very beautiful and very powerful. Thank you for sharing this ❤

  2. Beautiful Cookie! I feel it....know it.
    An evocation of LOVE!

  3. Gorgeous! Wonderful imagery, very evocative. I'm so glad I followed the links from Hoop City through to here. :)